Is Dating a Military Man Right for You?

Published: 19th January 2010
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Is Dating a Military Man Right for You?

The allure of dating a man in uniform has been a powerful draw for hundreds of years. Many women today are fascinated by the prospect of dating a military man, but before you become involved with a man who serves our country in the military, you should consider the pros and cons.

There are plenty of wonderful aspects of dating someone in the military that add to the pleasure of their company. Soldiers tend to be loyal, supportive partners. They have a love of their country and a sense of duty and responsibility that make them excellent citizens and great role models.

Military personnel also have good jobs, a steady salary and, when they are stationed in the U.S., their schedules are fairly routine. If you're considering a soldier for a life-long mate, you'll never have to worry about him losing his job, and he'll be a good provider.

If you love to travel, being married to a military man will give you plenty of opportunities. Most soldiers are periodically transferred to a new base in a different region of the country. It can be exhilarating to live in new communities and make new friends. Wherever you go, you'll find plenty of new friends to make you feel welcome - military spouses are famous for the close-knit communities they create to support each other.

If you hate to travel or don't want to move away from your hometown, dating a military man isn't a good choice. Keep in mind that at some point they will be ordered to another location, and if you aren't willing to follow him, you relationship is doomed.

Of course, the primary drawback to dating a military man is war - they have to go. When your soldier is called up for active duty, you have to stay behind and worry about him. It's very stressful and many relationships don't survive the long separation and high stress lifestyle. If you can't be supportive, loyal, optimistic and loving while your partner is overseas fighting, don't start dating a soldier.

Remember that contact with your partner will be sporadic when he is overseas. Although the Internet does make it easier than it was a generation ago, there may still be days or even weeks when he isn't able to contact you. If you're a high maintenance woman who can't cope if she can't talk to or chat with her boyfriend every day, dating a soldier isn't for you.

If you find a military man who is fascinating, loving and seems right for you, give it a try. But be honest with him and with yourself about any reservations you have. If, after a few weeks, you find that you worry more than you enjoy your time together, you may have to let it go. However, if you find that the knowledge he may have to leave you for a time simply sweetens your time together, you may have what it takes to be a military wife!

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