You Met Online, Is She High Maintenance?

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Published: 19th January 2010
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You've met someone wonderful! She's beautiful, intelligent and interesting, but your friends and family seem reserved. They aren't welcoming her with open arms and you're mystified. Ask around, it may be that your loved ones recognize a high maintenance woman and they don't want you to be the one having to cater to her every whim for the rest of your life. Learning to recognize the signs of an impossible to please, high maintenance woman can save you lots of grief down the road.

A high maintenance woman needs lots of upkeep - from constant trips to the salon and endless material goods to unending reassurance and attention from everyone around them. While you can have a great time with a high maintenance woman, she's usually exhausting to be around. Look for these tell-tale signs:

• She constantly asks for your opinion about her appearance. If she takes fishing for a compliment to amazing new levels, she will spend her life - and yours - shoring up her need for attention and praise.

• She spends more time and money than is decent or wise on routine upkeep. Every woman spends money on something - facials, hair color, pedicures...but if she seems to have at least one appointment every week for yet another "absolutely necessary" beauty routine, walk away.

• Shopping is a deadly serious business. If the woman you adore could put Carrie from Sex in the City to shame, you'll never be able to satisfy her addiction to shoes and accessories.

• It's almost impossible to choose a gift she'll love. If you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of trying to please her at Christmas, you may be fighting a losing battle. If you end up letting her pick out her own gifts because you know you can't possibly get it right, she's too picky for any mortal man.

• Does she take herself way too seriously? If you can't tease her because she will take offense at even the gentlest ribbing, you'll soon grow bored. Who wants to spend time with someone who can't laugh at herself and the world around her?

• She demands only the best in every situation. Having high expectations is fine, but if she's never willing to hang out at the local pub because it's too "low class," or she isn't willing to forgo fine dining for the occasional burger and brew, you'll quickly tire of catering to her.

• She demands constant attention. If she is forever trying to analyze the relationship or try to improve it, it is virtually guaranteed that it will never completely satisfy her at any point. If you find yourself frequently asking a pouting woman, "Are you okay?" "Is it something I did?" or "What's wrong now?" you are doomed to a life of submitting to the perils of dating a high maintenance woman.

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